Jean Paul Da Silva De Goes

Jean Paul Da Silva De Goes

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About Me

My name is Jean Paul Da Silva De Goes, I'm 15 years old and Windsurfing is my passion!!! 

I took my first windsurfing class in 2007 at the age of 8. In 2009 I competed for the first time in the Curacao Challenge 2009 (First Edition), winning 1st Place Rookies 10-11 years. That was the beginning of my windsurfing dream... and since then, I started practicing more often. But it was in 2011, when I started practicing on a daily basis, that my dreams grew bigger, wanting to become a Professional Windsurfer. 

Nowadays, I practice every day of the week when there is wind, enjoying the windsurfing sport to the most. I love Slalom, because racing on the water gives me a lot of adrenaline especially when I'm close to other competitors in high speeds. I love to travel around the world to compete in windsurfing competitions, learn as much as I can from the other windsurfers and the Professional riders, have fun, and meet new friends.


Goisco Mega Club & My Parents


Starboard, Insel Air, KLM, Windsurfing Curacao


My immediate goals for 2014 are to keep training as much as possible, to try to achieve top three in local and international competitions, especially on the IFCA World Championship 2014, in Roses, Costa Brava - Spain, where my goal is to become top 3, Junior U-17. 

Competitions that I will attend in 2014:

  • St. Barth Fun Cup (February) 
  • Old School Windsurfers Duo Relay Competition (February) 
  • Windsurfing Curacao Slalom Series I (February) 
  • University of Speed St. Joris (March) 
  • Windsurfing Curacao Slalom Series II (April) 
  • Endless Summer Sports Festival XS Edition (May) 
  • Curacao Challenge (May) 
  • IFCA JYM Slalom World Championship 2014 Roses, Spain (June) 
  • Endless Summer Sports Festival Curacao (August) 
  • Miami Windsurfing Tour (November)  
And other competitions that might appear on the calendar.  


Starboard I-Sonic Boards: 87Lt Carbon 2014, 97Lt Carbon 2014, 110 Lt Carbon 2014.
Severne Sails: 5.6 Reflex 5, 6.2 Reflex 5, 7.0 Reflex 5, 7.8 Reflex 5, 8.6 Reflex 5.
Drake Fins: SLDW 32cm, 34cm, 36cm, 38cm

IFJU Fins: 38cm, 40cm